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Higher Secondary Section
Administrator's Message
From the Secondary School Principalís Desk


Nursery I



Language development:

Our aim is to help the child identify and recognize letters, associate the letters with their phonic sounds, co-relate letters with different objects and to develop the child's language and vocabulary.

Pattern Writing: The child is trained in development of hand to eye coordination which later helps in letter formation. Skills are used to enhance concentration and build a steady hand while using crayons.


The child here is taught to identify and recognize numbers, get a perception of pre math concepts like shapes, sizes, similarities and differences. The child is also made to understand numbers with their values 1 to 5 and to recognize numbers 1 to 9.


The development of language and vocabulary is built upon the child. Exposure to different general knowledge topics is given that creates an awareness of the immediate surroundings. Activities like dramatics and class discussions are held to instill confidence in the child.

Activities conducted in nursery 1:

Our Budding artists!

Activities which are held here assists in the development of fine finger movement and gross motor skills (with games like sand waterplay, indoor - outdoor toys and art and craft activities). The personality development of the child is aimed for with the help of singing, rhythmics, dramatics, public speaking, educational toys, organized games and sports. Basic activities like circling, matching, colouring are also imparted in a play way method to ensure that the child is ready for nursery 2.

Nursery II

Language development:

The child is taught to achieve writing readiness, recognize and co-ordinate letters with their phonic sounds and to recognize and write small letters. Enhancement of writing skills and correlation of the capital and small set of letters is stressed. Dictation is held to assess the child's knowledge and formation of letters. Application of reading skills are also tested.

Number work:

Development of perception and sorting skills are done. The pupil is helped to recognize the number and its value. The child is made to understand the concept of sets, missing numbers, matching and comparison of values. Recognition of numbers and acquiring correct formation of numbers is developed.

Knowledge development:

General knowledge through oral discussion, dramatization helps the child to enhance their knowledge in different fields. Through value education we instill values which last a life time.

Activities conducted in nursery 2:

Drawing and colouring keeps us busy too!

All sing and play

Fine finger movement, gross motor skills are worked upon the child with the aid of different activities like sand-water play, educational toys and various skill enhancing art and craft activities. Activities held in this section are aspire to develop the child's personality through singing, dramatics, rhythmic, public speaking, sports and organized games. Basics in academics like reading, writing, arithmetic are imparted in a play way method to set the child ready for the kindergarten.

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