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The final round of the Spelling Bee for Std 4 was held on 19th November, 2019 in the Junior School hall ... read more

The Spelling Bee for Class 3 was conducted in the Junior Hall on 19th November, 2019 at 8:15 a.m.... read more

The Spelling Bee Rounds for Std 2 (Class level) was conducted in the Junior School Hall on the 15th of Nov. 2019 in an orderly manner.... read more

Dressed in colourful attire the energetic children of Nursery 1 enthusiastically and joyfully sang songs with actions on their Singing Talent Day held on 17th January, 2020.... read more

The class outing for the children of Nursery 1 of the Elementary Section was held on 15th January, 2020.... read more

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