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Higher Secondary Section
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House System

In the Elementary section we have a STAR system. The Junior & Secondary sections have the HOUSE system. Students from Stds. 1 to 10 are given Houses represented by colours, as follows:

Dr. Ernest Borges House - Red
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai House - Yellow
Dr. Homi Babha House - Blue
Victor Paranjyoti House - Green

Stickers, house marks, merit cards are awarded to students for innovative/ critical thinking, reading skills, academic work, sports, art, discipline, good manners, handling responsibility and other social skills. Demerit cards also form part of the house system and are issued when students violate the School Code of Conduct. We have our own computerised programme to help us with the House System in the secondary school.

On Sports Day and at the end of the year, House Championship Trophies are awarded for the House with the highest number of marks in Sports and Academics/ Co-curricular Events. Marks earned by students for participating and/ or winning any event/ competitions conducted interschool & intra-school are credited to their respective Houses and the House with the highest number of marks is adjudged as Best House.


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