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Clubs and Activities

Monday afternoons find the Sharada Mandir School campus buzzing with activities as it is CLUB TIME for the stds VI, VII and VIII. The students get an opportunity to sample two clubs during the year. Activities include the development of different types of interests and skills. Clubs provide co-curricular activities for the students from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. They help the students to develop interests other than academics. Usually students are expected to change their club each year, so that their experience is varied.
Some samples :


The teachers in-charge of this Club invited professionals to talk to the students. The students got glimpses from various angles on what this profession was all about, after they had interacted with the following guests:

  • Mr. Sunil Naik, a press photographer from Yuva newspaper, Mumbai.
  • Mr. Prakash Kamat, a correspondent of The Hindu.
  • Mr. Nagesh Sardessai, a cartoonist from Navhind Times.

The students will soon be working on the school magazine, gathering articles, conducting interviews, etc.


The activities held were book reports with a difference, bookmarks, designing of comic strips and some innovative games. This Club is conducted in the Secondary School library where the students have easy access to books.


The various activities conducted in this club were miming, lessons on voice modulation, articulation and projection, etc. Situations were given to them where facial expressions were observed. A parent, Mr. Praveen Sabnis attended a few sessions and gave a lot of interesting inputs on drama.


Students are divided into groups, depending on their interests, i.e. indoor/ outdoor games. They are then coached in these games and mini tournaments held.


A parent Mrs. Sardesai assisted the teachers in this Club. The activities held were :

  • CD Presentation on water-harvesting and water conservation followed by an inter-active session.
  • Preparing their family tree and presenting it to the rest of the class. This would give the students an idea of how a small family contributes towards a Society.
  • Talk on preserving nature followed by an activity of gathering fallen leaves of different types and pressing them in books.
  • Finding out about the different customs and traditions of Goa and making a presentation.
  • In groups, gathering information on rivers of Goa and their origin, Portuguese advent and the customs they brought to Goa.
  • Each child was given a picture of half a butterfly and they had to draw & paint the other half. They then prepared charts sticking the butterflies and depicting a favourable environment for the butterflies to survive in. They also made notes on how to avoid extinction of butterflies.
  • Visit to the Goa State Museum.


This Club was taught to make different kinds of flowers like paper flowers, fishwire flowers, ribbon flowers, etc. These have been beautifully displayed on charts.


The students were introduced to several styles of art like Poster and Logo designing, Animation, designing of comic strips, personal stationary, pop-up cards, Warli painting and Madhubani painting


The students were made to form groups, given a choice of topics like Endangered Species, Butterflies and Moths, Women of NASA, Listening to the Walls speak, etc, and make CD presentations on them. Besides this, they made posters on the computer on Discipline, using pictures downloaded from the internet.


The DNA club was introduced last year. It is a venture of Dept. of Biotechnology, Government of India. 10 schools from each State have been made members of this club. We are one of the ten schools from Goa. For the state of Maharashtra and Goa, the regional centre is at Dept. of Environmental Education at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, Pune. According to their schedule, the resource people visit our school and conduct various activities in the field of biodiversity and biotechnology. Apart from this, we call other resource people to enrich our students with information regarding the above subjects.


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